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Fairfield East

Aboriginal people from the Cabrogal tribe, a sub-group of the Gandangara tribe, have lived in the Fairfield area for over 30 000 years. European settlement began in the early 1800’s. Fairfield East comprises parts of two early land grants which were subdivided and sold as “Orchardleigh” in 1876 and “Mark Lodge” in 1885. Orchardleigh which also included Guildford belonged to Henry Whittaker. “Mark Lodge” which originally included the Fairfield Town Centre, Carramar and Villawood previously belonged to William Bland. “Mark Lodge” was named by its first owner, Captain John Horsley, with the name used in the 1950’s although it was officially known as East Fairfield.

Source: Frances Pollon: The Book of Sydney Suburbs, 1998; Vance George: Fairfield – A History of the District, Fairfield City Council, NSW, Australia, 1991

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Fairfield East
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