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Media Release - 30 October 2009 - Students put their flair for plants on show Local schools assist in Cabravale Memorial Park upgrade

Local school students put their green thumbs on show this week by helping Fairfield City Council plant new trees and shrubbery as part of an upgrade to Cabravale Memorial Park.
The upgrade is part of Council’s 13-year, $13million Parks Improvement Program and students from Sacred Heart School and Canley Vale Public School visited the park to help plant shade trees, including trees native to Fairfield and grown from seeds collected locally.
The Park upgrade will feature garden beds that include groundcovers and shrubs which have been propagated in Council’s Nalawala Community Native Nursery at Fairfield Showground and are endangered species.
Cabravale Memorial Park is the main public park in Cabramatta and given its location in an area of medium density residential units, the park is a very important place for everyone to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature.
Council adopted the long-term concept design for the Park in December 2008 and works have commenced, with the upgrade taking place in two parts.
“Cabravale Memorial Park is an important place for locals – it has a variety of uses for the community including a meeting point, a place for quiet relaxation and contemplation, and also a great spot for physical activity,” says the Mayor of Fairfield City, Nick Lalich.
“Council has undertaken comprehensive community consultation as part of the Park upgrade to ensure the end result is what the community wants and needs.
“As part of the community consultation, the strongest feedback we received was that improving public health should be a key theme in the upgrade. Council has partnered with Fairfield Health Service’s ‘Arts for Health’ Team to ensure health is an integral part of all community activities undertaken to upgrade the Park,” says the Mayor.
The first stage of the upgrade will see the construction of the construction of a pedestrian promenade along the Park Road park boundary – as part of the tree-lined avenue linking the public places of Freedom Plaza and Adams Park. Together with new pedestrian thresholds on Bartley and Phelps streets, this promenade provides a much improved path network used heavily by school students from Sacred Heart School and Canley Vale Public School. A 400-metre circuit path, playground, soft earth badminton courts, and park furniture will also be installed as part of stage one.
There are also a number of other, separate projects underway at the same time as the Park upgrade including the installation of:
- a new toilet facility thanks to Federal Government funding under the ‘Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program’.
- a Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) initiative called a ‘Soak Sump’ – located next to Arthur West Hall.
- pedestrian thresholds in Bartley and Phelps streets linked to the new park paths.
- a ceramic mural on the external wall of the Arthur West Hall – coordinated by the Immigrant Women’s Health Centre.