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Fairfield Spotlight


Fairfield Town Centre’s Vision – Fairfield Town Centre Strategic Plan (2004)
Spencer Street Enhancement Project (completed early 2006)
The Forum Plaza Enhancement Project (underway)
School of Arts /Harris Street Enhancement Project (underway)
Fairfield Town Centre Master Plans (The Crescent and Barbara Street Precincts) (underway)
Creative Industries Centre and Incubator Feasibility Study (underway)
Faces of Fairfield
Fairfield Town Centre Committee
Contact the Place Manager

Fairfield Town Centre – unexpected, delightful experiences in a unique cultural centre – a great place to live, work, shop and visit – a community with a vision and the commitment to make it happen.

Fairfield Town Centre's Bread Brochure

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Fairfield Town Centre’s Vision – Fairfield Town Centre Strategic Plan (2004):



In 2004 Fairfield’s Town Centre Committee and Fairfield City Council adopted a Strategic Plan that laid out a pathway of economic, social and environmental initiatives designed to realise Fairfield Town Centre’s potential and create a place in which people want to live, work, visit and invest.

The People of Fairfield are passionate about their town centre. They agree that the town centre’s strength lies in its special combination of diverse and welcoming cultures, a good mix of retail and commercial services and a user-friendly town that is easy to get around. Existing business owners want to stay in the town centre and operate in a strong retail and commercial environment. They also welcome the opportunity to build on this to create a new dynamic Sydney-wide profile to attract more residents, investors and visitors.

The town centre’s renewal is seen as evolutionary rather than revolutionary – combining the best from the past with the best of the future.

The existing friendly village feel provides meeting places, outdoor dining and active public spaces that will continue to encourage a wide range of community-based learning, cultural, leisure and recreational experiences. These attributes will be strengthened to nurture future social, cultural and economic activities throughout the town centre for all – from children to older persons.

Stakeholders welcome new types of buildings that contribute a sense of renewal and will bring new residents, businesses and employment into the town centre. They also value the retention of existing buildings and facades, as important reminders of a vital past.

The Crescent and Fairfield’s heritage railway station will become Fairfield’s newly rejuvenated ‘front door’, which will lead to sunny tree-lined streetscapes with quality street furniture and facilities. All other gateways to the town centre will also be progressively upgraded.

A new vision alone will not deliver a new future. This new vision will be delivered through a Fairfield Town Centre Renewal Program founded on partnerships between various community, business and government agencies.

Current Fairfield Town Centre Renewal Program projects include:



  • Spencer Street Enhancement Project (completed early 2006)
  • The Forum Plaza Enhancement Project (underway)
  • School of Arts /Harris Street Enhancement Project (underway)
  • Fairfield Town Centre Master Plans (The Crescent and Barbara Street Precincts) (underway)
  • Creative Industries Centre and Incubator Feasibility Study (underway)
  • The Fairfield Biz newsletter (ongoing)


Spencer Street Enhancement Project (completed early 2006)

This project was completed in April 2006 and delivered a renewed streetscape that provides vehicle access once more from Smart to Ware Street and sets new high quality standards in public domain improvements (ie street trees, furniture, pavement).


The Forum Plaza Enhancement Project (underway)

A project focused on enhancing the look and activity with a public plaza to provide an attractive and ceremonial space for visitors and shoppers to escape the bustle of street life and relax to watch their children play. Examples of some of the proposed treatments include:

  • improved pedestrian access
  • children's play equipment
  • improve provision of shade, including purpose built shade for the children's area
  • consider the potential for public performances
  • relocation or upgrading of street furniture


School of Arts /Harris Street Enhancement Project (underway)

A streetscape upgrade that will improve accessibility (i.e. pedestrians, cars, cyclists) and the visual attractiveness of the street and improve the ‘street presence’ of the Fairfield School of Arts building, which is also undergoing improvements, and businesses.

Specific treatments under consideration include:

  • footpath widening for cafés and improved pedestrian access and safety
  • improvement of footpath pavement quality
  • installation of street trees

Fairfield Town Centre Master Plans (The Crescent and Barbara Street Precincts) (underway)

This project seeks to provide a decision-making platform for a staged redevelopment of the Barbara Street Civic and The Crescent Railway precincts.

The master plans will clearly identify opportunities and options for public and/or private sector involvement in the redevelopment.

The strategic objective of the Barbara Street precinct is a new Civic Precinct that includes learning, education and cultural services while the Railway Precinct is to provide the new ‘front door’ to Fairfield.

Creative Industries Centre and Incubator Feasibility Study (underway)

As part of the renewal program an area bounded by Harris Street, Barbara Street and Kenyon Streets within the town Centre has been identified as a potential civic and cultural precinct.

This feasibility study will focus on the possibility of including a sustainable ‘creative hub’ within this precinct to support creative enterprises from around the Fairfield region. Creative Enterprises include:

  • Performing Arts
  • Cuisine
  • Graphic Arts and Design
  • Digital Arts and multimedia

This study will also include a Creative Industries Incubator to incubate and grow local businesses while supporting much-needed development of local business and workforce capabilities and skills to access opportunities in the ‘knowledge economy’.


There are a number of private and public carparks within or close by the town centre, providing safe and easy access to the large variety of businesses and services the town centre provides. Most of these carparks are time restricted, and some have a minimal cost, but all are suitable for carrying out your shopping needs.

Public Carparks include the Downey Street and Nelson Street Carparks as well as several along Barbara Street.

Private Carparks are available at the Forum and Netta City Shopping Centres.

Signage is located at key intersections to assist in locating each of these parking facilities.

'Faces of Fairfield'

The 'Faces of Fairfield' celebrates the substantial contributions of past and present Australians, and their links with Fairfield, with artworks throughout the Fairfield Town Centre.

Over the years, Fairfield has been home to leaders and advocates, people who have established clubs and associations, served on committees, performed charity work, assisted migrants and refugees and cared for the elderly.

The first Faces of Fairfield artwork was installed and unveiled in 2004. It honours The Hon Gough Whitlam AC QC, Prime Minister from 1972 – 75 and is located in Ware Street, Fairfield.

Artists were appointed to develop each of the artworks, with the aim of reflecting each individual's contributions to the community.

Two more artworks will be unveiled in 2008 for Harry Kewell and Evelyn Healy.

Harry Kewell lived locally in Fairfield and attended Smithfield Public School. He is an Australian soccer champion who has represented Australia in the Soccer World Cup.

Evelyn Healy is a member of the Fairfield Music Club and has contributed to art and music development in Fairfield since 1949.

On Friday 23 November the Mayor of Fairfield City, Nick Lalich unveiled artworks honouring Felice Zadro, Michael Wenden and Dr William Bland as part the 'Faces of Fairfield project .

Felice Zadro
Felice Zadro was a pioneer of Italian settlement in the Fairfield area. Migrating from Italy in 1929 he worked at a sheep station for five years, and then bought land for a market garden in Smithfield with his father. In 1942 he married Rina Spinelli, and during the war was vice-president and metropolitan spokesman for the NSW Vegetable Growers Association.

Mr Zadro played a significant role helping other Italian migrants settle in Fairfield. He was one of the founding members of the Italian community’s most famous institution, Club Marconi, and was also behind the Marconi Youth Centre – the first youth service in south-west Sydney. He also donated incalculable hours of volunteer service to various organisations including the Smithfield Soccer Club, the Smithfield Catholic Youth Organisation, and St Gertrudes’ Catholic Church and school in Smithfield.

Mr Zadro was a champion of multiculturalism and played a large part in encouraging people to celebrate the multicultural nature of Fairfield. In 1964 he was President of the International Foundations Committee which was established in order to raise funds to build a fountain honouring the many nationalities who settled in the Fairfield area. In 1967 Mr Zadro was made a Knight of the Italian Republic. He was Fairfield City’s 2000 Australia Day Citizen of the Year.

Dr William Bland
William Bland studied at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. In 1813, while serving in the navy, Bland killed a man in a dual of honour, and was sentenced to seven years transportation. Arriving in Sydney in 1814 he was sent to work as a doctor at the Castle Hill Lunatic Asylum. Pardoned after serving a year of his sentence, he then set up the first private medical practice in the colony. He was goaled for a year in 1818 for making fun of Governor Macquarie, After his release he resumed his practice and became enthusiastically involved in the politics of the time.

He was one of the instigators of the push to representative government, and in 1843, as one of the Members for Sydney, was elected to the first Legislative assembly. He was said to be a skilled and inventive surgeon and improved the primitive operating instruments of his day and was elected as the first president of the Australian Medical Association in 1859.

Bland also wrote and published books and articles on history and medicine, was a leading figure in the establishment of Sydney University, and was a hard worker for the Benevolent Society. Bland’s country estate, Mark Lodge, covered the present day business area of Fairfield. Despite storm damage, his majestic, 13 metre, evergreen oak tree still stands in Oakdene Park. It was planted by Dr Bland in around 1850 and is listed as a State heritage item.

Michael Wenden
Michael Wenden was an Australian freestyle swimming champion who attended Patrician Brothers School here in Fairfield. During his career, which spanned the years between 1966 and 1974, he competed in 100m and 200m events at the 1966, 1970 and 1974 Commonwealth Games, and the 1968 and 1972 Olympics. At these games he broke six world records and won thirteen medals, nine of which were gold. He also won Australian and World Championship titles. In 1979 was elected to membership of the Swimming Hall of Fame in Florida, USA. He was awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire for services to sports.

Fairfield Town Centre Committee

The management of the town centre is centred on a Committee that represents a broad perspective of business and political interests.

The Committee meets approximately every 6 weeks to consider the implementation of projects and policies that will deliver a sustainable, safe, attractive and vibrant town centre.

For more information on the Fairfield Town Centre Committee, please click here.


Contact the Place Manager

For more information contact Council’s Place Manager, Fairfield at mail@fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au or phone 9725 0299.