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Smithfield/Wetherill Park Spotlight

Smithfield-Wetherill Park Discussion Group

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The Smithfield-Wetherill Park Industrial Estate is the largest industrial estate in the southern hemisphere and the hub of manufacturing and distribution in Greater Western Sydney. It is at the geographic centre of Sydney’s major industrial zones and sits strategically between the major population and urban growth zones in the north west and south west of Sydney.

More than 1,000 manufacturing, wholesale, transport and service firms employ more than 20,000 people.

These factors make Smithfield-Wetherill Park a strategic location for industrial services and the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of industrial equipment, food, building and consumer products.


Smithfield Town Centre Enhancement Project 

Fairfield City Council has dedicated over $360,000 to improve the accessibility, safety and attractiveness of the public domain areas in the Smithfield Town Centre.


The majority of project works are scheduled to commence in mid January 2010, and will be carried out in stages to minimise impact on Town Centre operations.


Proposed works include:


Justin Street (between The Horsley Drive & Victoria Street)

·        East Side: New full width decorated path paving, kerb and gutter, planter boxes, trees and reconstruction of entrance to Stein Lane.

·        West Side: New pram ramps, kerb and gutter and stormwater drainage at intersections.


The Horsley Drive (between Justin Street & Cumberland Highway)

·        Upgrade of pedestrian refuge and pram ramps, new graffiti proof rubbish bins, terrabond bays for existing trees and steam cleaning of footpaths.


The Horsley Drive (between Cumberland Highway & Oxford St)

·        North Side: Repair of damaged path paving, new planter boxes, new graffiti proof rubbish bins and steam cleaning of existing path paving.

·        South Side: New full width decorated path paving, planter boxes, terrabond tree bays, new graffiti proof bin and new seat (at City Museum & Gallery bus stop).


Oxford Street (adjacent to The Horsley Drive)

·        North side: New graffiti proof bin, planter box and steam cleaning of existing path paving.

·        South Side - New full width decorated path paving and planter box.


To see a copy of the design plan showing the extent and nature of the works click here or visit the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery (632 The Horsley Drive, Smithfield) and Smithfield Library (Oxford Street, Smithfield).


Council will take all possible care to minimise disturbance to local businesses and their customers. Should you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact Daniel Favotto, Place Manager Smithfield-Wetherill Park on 9725 0174.


Alternatively, for any questions or concerns during the works, please call John Smith, Works Co-ordinator on 9725 0782.


Truck Parking Facility


Truck drivers who visit the Smithfield-Wetherill Park Industrial Estate can now use the new truck parking facility to make rest periods in the area more comfortable. Construction of the facility adjacent to the Hassall Street and Widemere Road intersection was completed in August 2007. Tap water facilities will be included in early 2008. 

Depending on the usage and success of the new facilities, further development may include bitumen paving, landscaping and toilet and washing amenities.

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Gateway Projects                                                                        

New gateway features have been construcred at the key entrance points to the Smithfield Wetherill Park Industrial Estate to highlight entrance to the area. Signage and landscaping works were carried out at the corner of Cowpasture Road and The Horsley Drive, and at Rosford Reserve on the corner of Gipps and Hassall streets.

Banners Project

Fairfield City Council is also planning to install new banners at key locations throughout the Estate to highlight its importance as the manufacturing and employment hub of Western Sydney.

These banners will be erected in mid 2008 once the designs and locations are finalised.


Smithfield-Wetherill Park Discussion Group



Contact the Place Manager

For more information contact Council’s Place Manager, Smithfield-Wetherill Park at mail@fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au or phone 9725 0174.