Planning Exhibitions - Bonnyrigg Town Centre - Deferred Matter Planning Proposal and draft Bonnyrigg Town Centre Development Control Plan

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7 July 2017
The Planning Proposal and draft DCP applies to the Bonnyrigg Town Centre

Part of the Bonnyrigg Town Centre precinct is currently governed by provisions of the Fairfield Local Environmental Plan 1994, and designated as a ‘deferred matter’ in the current Fairfield Local Environmental Plan 2013 (LEP). The Planning proposal aims to apply provisions of the NSW Standard LEP to Bonnyrigg Town Centre and incorporate the deferred matter into the Fairfield LEP 2013 through application of the following LEP zones and associated provisions:

  • Zone R4 - High Density Residential
  • Zone B1 - Neighbourhood Business Centre
  • Zone B4 - Mixed Use Development
  • Zone B6 - Enterprise Corridor
  • Zone RE1 - Public Recreation
  • Zone RE2 - Private Recreation
  • Incorporate existing heritage listed properties into Schedule 5
  • Additional permitted uses of residential flat buildings, ‘café and restaurant’ and ‘small bar’ on certain sites proposed to be zoned B6 – Enterprise Corridor.
  • Identify sections of land currently zoned SP2 – Classified Road (forming part of the Bus T-Way through Bonnyrigg) on the Land Acquisition Map
  • Apply relevant local clauses including a new height of buildings/street activation clause

The draft DCP (to replace the current Bonnyrigg Town Centre DCP No.28) aims to set out detailed controls and a desired urban structure for the town centre, including building envelope, urban design, set back and open space controls and to identify desired pedestrian and vehicular access arrangements for the town centre.

Both the planning proposal and associated Draft DCP have been developed following community consultation, and in accordance with the recommendations of a Strategic Study of Bonnyrigg Town Centre which is accompanying the public exhibition.

Exhibition Period

The exhibition period has now closed.


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