Public Notices - Stormwater Management Policy

The Stormwater Management Policy – September 2017 has been adopted by Council and is now officially available for use.

Stormwater Management Policy

The policy combines all of Councils previous policies pertaining to development and stormwater management into one easy to use document that follows stormwater management best practice.  The policy now refers to Stormwater Management Zones: 

Stormwater Management  Zones

Stormwater Management Zones

Please also note that:

Until 31 December 2017 - Any development applications accepted by Council can use the new OR older policies for stormwater design.

From 1 January 2018 - All applications submitted to Council will be assessed using the new policy.

Information on the changes from previous policies and about drainage are included in the below attachments.

Fact sheet on changes

Drainage factsheet

Contact Council's Catchment team on for any enquiries.