DAs on Exhibition - DA 556.1 / 2017 - on exhibition to 10/11/17

Application Number
556.1 / 2017
Demolition of existing structure and construction of a four (4) storey commercial building including a medical centre (consisting of 33 rooms), two (2) commercial tenancies and carparking within Fairfield Forum

Premises: 8-36 Station Street FAIRFIELD

Lot Description: Lot: 1031 DP: 1049068

Applicant: Primary Health Care C/- EPM Projects Pty Ltd

Application Number: 556.1 / 2017

Consent Authority: Fairfield City Council

Determination Authority: Sydney South West Planning Panel

On Exhibition: 26th October to 10th November 2017 


All submissions made will be forwarded to Sydney South West Planning Panel for their consideration.