DAs on Exhibition - Development Proposal - Integrated Development: 2.1/2018 - on exhibition 15/2/2018

Application Number
Demolition of existing structures, removal of trees and the construction of a 6-storey Residential Flat Building containing forty (40) units with two (2) levels of basement car parking containing forty-three (43) car spaces, and associated landscaping, drainage and Strata Subdivision.

Premises:  8 Weston Street FAIRFIELD

Lot Description: Lot: 8 DP: 9497

Applicant:  B PLus A Pty Ltd

Application Number:  2.1 / 2018

Consent Authority:  Fairfield City Council

On Exhibition:  15th February to 17th March 2018


The application detailed above has been submitted for Council approval. The proposal seeks the Demolition of existing structures, removal of trees, and construction of a 6-storey residential flat building containing forty (40) units above two (2) levels of basement level car parking comprising 43 car spaces, Strata subdivision and associated landscaping drainage.


You are invited to inspect the plans and express your views on the proposal. 


The development is defined as Integrated Development under the provisions of Section 91 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979. Accordingly, the development also requires the approval of NSW Department of Primary Industries, Office of Water under Sections 89, 90 and 91 of the Water Management Act 2000.


The exhibition period will commence on Thursday 15th February and will end on Saturday 17 March 2018. Any time during the aforementioned exhibition period, any person may make a submission in writing to Council in relation to the proposed development. Council's Reference Number: DA 2.1/2018 should be quoted in any enquiries and/or correspondence and any person objecting to the proposal should state the land they own or occupy and the reasons for the objections. For any further enquiries please call 9725-0222.