Public Notices - Draft Plan of Management for Fairfield Showground

Fairfield City Council has prepared a draft Plan of Management for Fairfield Showground which has frontage to Smithfield Road, Moonlight Road and Greenfield Road in Prairiewood, in the City of Fairfield.


A Plan of Management is a document that provides a framework for managing an area of public land.  The draft Plan of Management Fairfield Showground 2018 has been developed to update the current 2012 Plan and has been prepared by Council.

In accordance with the NSW Local Government Act 1993 as amended, the revised draft Plan of Management was on public exhibition from 1 May to 28 May 2018 and comments upon the draft Plan were received until Monday 11 June, 5.00pm.

The Public Hearing on the proposed recategorisation of part of Fairfield Showground was held on 23 May 2018.

The Public Hearing and Submissions Report on the Proposed Recategorisation of Fairfield Showground is now available for public viewing at the link below.

Should you require further information on the draft Plan, please contact Cheryl Dewhurst or Chris Brown on 9725 0222.

See the Public Hearing and Submissions Report