Events on 1st Feb 2020

Events for 1st Feb 2020

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Saturday 01 February


The recent spread of bush fire in Australia has caused severe disasters due to the drought. We will hold a blessing, pray, and show a performance by the Students of Shaolin Temple to raise funds.

20200120_161113Shaolin Temple will hold a Blessing & Praying Ceremony to raise funds for Bushfire Relief in Australia. The recent spread of bush fires has caused severe disasters due to the drought, many houses and areas were and many sentient beings were burned. Firefighters were trying to rescue them day and night. The Shaolin Kungfu Mediation Temple of Australia will hold a blessing and & Praying ceremony. We invite you and the money raised will help those in need. The night will include the following; 1. Blessing and Praying Ceremony led by Master Yanche. 2. Master Yanhe and Master Yanyi will lead the students to perform Shaolin KungFu together. 3. After the KungFu performance, the temple will provide free vegetarian food. Contact Information: Master Yanhe: 0404 188 598 Vinh: 0414 325 178

  • Date: 1st February 2020
  • Location: 32 Broomfield Street, Cabramatta
  • Time: 17:30 - 20:30
  • Cost: FREE
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Saturday 01 February

Free Weed Identification Workshop

Did you know our gardens are the greatest source of bushland weeds?

Learn what plants in your garden can spread to our bushland reserves, how they spread and how we can prevent this from happening. Look at alternative plants that serve the same function as those classified as environmental weeds. You will also receive some free native plants for your garden. 

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  • Date: 1st February 2020
  • Location: Nalawala Sustainability Hub
  • Time: 09:00 - 12:00
  • Cost: $0.00
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