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Draft 2016-2026 Fairfield City Plan

We are proud to introduce the Draft 2016-2026 Fairfield City Plan, which is the community’s 10-year plan that details the community's vision, priorities and goals for the future of Fairfield City.

Every four years Council reviews the Fairfield City Plan through extensive community engagement to ensure the community’s needs and aspirations identified are still important to them. 

Before the plan is finalised, Council has placed the Draft 2016-2026 Fairfield City Plan on public exhibition from 25 November 2016 to 10 February 2017 for your feedback. All comments and submissions received will be considered at the 28 February Council Meeting.

Read the Draft 2016-2026 Fairfield City Plan

Fairfield City Plan

The 2012-2022 Fairfield City Plan is Community's Strategic Plan, which has been prepared by Council through a series of community consultations. This Plan sets out the community's vision, needs and priorities for next 10 years and is identified under the following five themes:

Theme 1 - Community Wellbeing
Theme 2 - Places and Infrastructure
Theme 3 - Environmental Sustainability
Theme 4 - Local Economy and Employment
Theme 5 - Good Governance and Leadership

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Resourcing Strategy

The Resourcing Strategy identifies how many resources (such as money, assets and people) Council has to deliver on the needs and priorities of its community. 

The Resourcing Strategy includes three documents:

  1. Long Term Financial Plan (Money)
  2. Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans (Assets)
  3. Workforce Management Plan (People)

Revised 2013-2017 Delivery Program with SRV

The Delivery Program is a high-level plan that sets out the projects, programs and services Council has committed to deliver during its term of office, which works towards achieving the community’s needs and priorities identified in the Fairfield City Plan.

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2016-2017 Operational Plan

The Operational Plan is a one-year plan that is developed each year to provide the detail of the services, projects and programs identified for that year in the Delivery Program.

You can also view the 2016-2017 Pricing Policy, and Fees and Charges below, which identifies all of Council's fees and charges during the 2016/2017 financial year.

2016-2017 Pricing Policy, and Fees and Charges

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Community Engagement Strategy

Council is required to prepare and implement a Community Engagement Strategy to assist in the review and development of the Fairfield City Plan (Community Strategic Plan). 

The Community Engagement Strategy outlines the principles, guidelines and actions Council will undertake in order to ensure the community's long-term goals and priorities for the City are defined in the Fairfield City Plan.

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