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We Are All Affected
21 September 2017 – 11 November 2017

'Wednesday's Child' by Abdul Rahman Abdullah The big anxiety logo colour

Co-curated by Khaled Sabsabi and Nur Shkembi as part of the ‘The Big Anxiety: Festival of Arts + Science + People’, We Are All Affected will examine ideas of anxiety from Muslim communities living in Western Sydney and their experiences.
This exhibition features the work of Australian Muslim artists and provides an insight into what is fast becoming a culturally specific form of anxiety; one which is related to the current socio-political climate, Islamophobia and the unique social, emotional, political and intellectual pressures that exist as a result. The project has the ability to create new conversations and reflections around the festivals' theme from artists that live and deal with issues surrounding representation and identity, exploring notions of anxiety within the framework of the reflective/reactive duality. 

Exhibiting artists include Abdul Abdullah, Abdul Rahman Abdullah, Idil Abdullahi, Cigdem Aydemir, Rusaila Bazlimat, Eugenia Flynn, Khaled Sabsabi and Abdullah M.I. Syed.


Lakota by Loribelle Spirovski

23 September 2017 – 6 January 2018

Artist in Residence, Loribelle Spirovski, has spent the year working with individuals who reside in the Fairfield LGA, creating photo-realistic portraiture work.

Diaspora reveals to gallery visitors the stunning fruits of her labour, encouraging us to reflect on Fairfield City as a shared home. 


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Past Exhibitions

6 May 2017 – 2 September 2017

Cabracadabra roses 

Explore the colour and vibrancy of the still-life paintings and interactive installation work by artist Anney Bounpraseuth. Contrasting traditional still-life subject matter of established Australian female artists, Bounpraseuths’ studies focus on objects and knick-knacks drawn from Asian discount variety stores to convey the search for belonging and finding a place within community and dominant culture.

Workshops by Anney Bounpraseuth

Swan Pencil Holders workshop
Friday 7 July, 10.30am – 12.30pm
$15 (1 adult and 1 child), $2 for every additional child thereafter.

Plate Portraits workshop
Thursday 13 July, 10.30am – 12.30pm
$15 (1 adult and 1 child), $2 for every additional child thereafter.


13 May 2017 – 9 September 2017

Shanasheel golden artwork 

Ten exhibiting artists are Iraqi - Australians living and working in Western Sydney whose work explores the idea of place, storytelling and identity in a range of different mediums. Translated from Iraqi, ‘Shanasheel’ refers to a traditional balcony in Iraqi architecture that connects the private home with the streetscape.

Workshops relating to the Shanasheel exhibition

Accessible Art Workshop
Saturday 3 June, 1pm - 4pm

This free community event is being hosted by Fairfield City Museum & Gallery as part of the Iraqi Cultural Festival. 
In partnership with Settlement Services International (SSI) through its Arts & Culture and Ability Links NSW Programs, this specially designed public art program aims to promote social inclusion for people living with a disability and people from a refugee background. 
The event includes a motivational talk with Shatha Matrood, an Iraqi refugee with vision impairment, who shares her experiences of life in Australia and how the Arts can play a role in creating a space for inclusion in our communities. 
Guests are then able to choose from three workshops, which include:
- Flower arranging
- Drawing, painting and etching techniques
- Jewellery, metal and wood engravings

Iraq on Film
Saturday 1 July, 1pm - 4pm

Join Fairfield City Museum & Gallery for a screening of On the Banks of the Tigris (2015), a hidden story of Iraqi music, directed by Marsha Emerman. This multi-award winning Australian documentary celebrates Iraqi music and the cultural ties that link Iraqis of all faiths (Jews, Muslims and Christians). 
Special guest Majid Shokor will introduce the film which follows his journey re-engaging with his musical history as he travels from Melbourne to Tel Aviv, Europe and Iraq to meet with exiled Iraqi musicians who unite for a concert for peace and reconciliation. 

Ngarunga Gurubadu: Stories of River & Water
24 June to 2 September 2017
Official Opening: Friday 30 June 2017

Burra murri yanada (Many eels and full moon) artwork.

This exhibition explores the rivers and waterways of the Dharug nation and its meaning and significance for Aboriginal people. The exhibition features work from artists including Yvonne Koolmatrie, Leanne Tobin, Dianne Ussher, Steven Barton, Susan Grant Murphy, Glen Cunningham, Victoria Woods, Judy Watson and the Guntawang Aboriginal Women’s Group.

A Home Away from Home
Until 10 June 2017

A Home Away from Home costumes A Home Away from Home visitors

Learn about the formation and evolution of Fairfield City's multicultural clubs and gain an understanding of their importance in Australian social history and cultural identity, in a place that’s A Home Away from Home. The exhibition features photographs and objects either loaned by Clubs or sourced from Fairfield City Council's archives.

This exhibition won a 2017 IMAGinE Award from Museums and Galleries NSW

Imagine2017 winner badge small