Fairfield City Museum & Gallery

School holiday activities

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Enjoy a range of fun activities for all ages at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery these September-October school holidays. Several of our programs are inspired from exhibitions, Cabracadabra and Ngarunga Guru: Stories of River & Water. 

For bookings call 9725 0190 or email museumgallery@fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au.

Spring Flower Cookies - $12
Bake delicious cookies and adorn them with a splash of colour.
Tuesday 26 September, 10.30am–Noon or 1pm-2.30pm

Cupcakes Extravaganza - $12
Learn some tasty tips and create cupcake masterpieces.
Wednesday 27 September, 10.30am–Noon or 1pm-2.30pm

Radical Robots - $8
Repurpose materials destined for the recycling bin to create your own radical robot.
Friday 29 September, 1pm–2.30pm

Fabulous Fedoras - $8
Calling all fashionistas! Create your own unique fashion accessory to wear as you want.
Friday 29 September, 1pm–2.30pm

Garden Dioramas - $8
Bring a memory to life by recreating your home, garden or a place that you love.
Tuesday 3 October, 10.30am–Noon

Clay Signs - $8
Decorate your name into a sculptural sign for your home.
Wednesday 4 October, 10.30am–Noon

Abstract Canvases - $8
Working with canvas and sharpies, create your own geometrical abstract painting.
Thursday 5 October, 10.30am-Noon

You can make a book! - $8
Create your own wild picture book using bright pictures that tell an amazing tale.
Friday 6 October, 10.30am-Noon

Arts and crafts feathers

Get fun and creative with arts and crafts at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery this school holiday period.