Festival background

Attendees walking through the streets at Moon Festival 2016

Every year across South East Asia, millions of people celebrate the Moon Festival in early September.

This festival is also referred to as the Mid-Autumn Festival or, in Vietnam, as the Trung Thu Festival. The date is almost never the same, as it is determined by the equinox – the day of the year when daylight and darkness are equal in length, this being the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.

From the exciting lion dance and parade to beautiful traditional dances, complete with costumes and vibrant live performances, the Cabramatta Moon Festival event offers a diverse and inclusive program, closing with an amazing fireworks finale at 8pm.

It promotes harmonious community relations and fosters a better understanding of one of the City’s largest cultural groups.

Claiming one of the largest Asian populations in Sydney, Fairfield City Council is committed to celebrating our cultural diversity and promoting the area as Sydney’s premier South-East Asian destination. More than 32% of the non-English speaking community speak Vietnamese or a Chinese language. Cabramatta alone comprises 68% of Vietnamese speaking people and is referred to as the Vietnamese capital of Australia.

With a tempting array of restaurants, food stalls, supermarkets and specialty stores, Cabramatta is a bustling marketplace capturing the vitality and diversity of South-East Asia.

Less than an hour’s drive from the Sydney CBD, Cabramatta has steadily gained a reputation as a culinary hot spot, where all the ingredients needed for authentic Asian cooking can be bought or sampled at more than 180 food stores.

Cabramatta is a bustling business and tourist destination and the Moon Festival aims to offer a total journey experience - authentic gourmet food, shopping, culture and tradition, which it successfully does every year by creating a unique and exciting event encouraging repeat visitation to Discover Cabramatta – A Taste of Asia.