Places and objects are listed when they have heritage significance. There are approximately100 heritage items heritage items in Fairfield City listed within:

If you are buying a property, a Section 149 Planning Certificate issued by Council will identify if a property is heritage listed.

Heritage listing permits sympathetic development of heritage places through an approval process to ensure changes retain the significance of heritage places.

Council undertakes regular inspections of heritage items and documents the state of each item. Any unauthorised work will be investigated and an Order may be issued under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979  Part 6 - Division 2A Section 121B. The investigation may result in prosecution and/or the imposition of a fine.

Please note that no matter what type of heritage item is listed (for example, a building or a tree), the whole site is affected by the heritage listing.

Developments next to or near heritage items will also need to consider how they can also be designed with sensitivity to create an appropriate environment around the item.

Contact Council’s Heritage Adviser on 9725 0222 for more information.

Additional Information

Flow chart for development involving a listed heritage item

Flow chart for development within the visual catchment of a heritage item