Building in Saline Environments

Building In Saline Environments

Salinity has been recognised as an environmental problem in Western Sydney for many years. Urban salinity affects on Western Sydney include structural damage to buildings and infrastructure such as roads, paths, pipes and bridges. The surface impacts of urban salinity may include dieback of vegetation, increase in salt levels in wetlands, rivers and creeks.

In 2004/2005 the Department of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources completed a review of the Salinity Hazard Map for Western Sydney, which mainly entailed extending the area covered by the maps to include sections of the Camden and Campbelltown Local Government Areas.

There are large sections of Fairfield City where detailed investigations and mapping of the potential for salinity hazards are yet to be both investigated and understood. It is noted that the hazard maps indicate the general potential for salinity hazards across the entirety of Western Sydney. Having regard to this reality, in December 2004 Council adopted a policy on Building in Saline Environments, which came into force in January 2005 and applies to all new residential development in Fairfield City.