Fairfield Local Planning Panel (FLPP)

The Fairfield Local Planning Panel (FLPP) is made up of qualified independent experts and a community representative.


The Panel determines the most sensitive and complex development applications received by Council that meet one or more of the following criterion:


Conflict of interest -  Development for which the applicant or landowner is the council, a councillor,  a member of staff who is principally involved in the exercise of council’s functions under the EP&A Act, a member of Parliament or a relative of one of the above.


Contentious development - council’s approved submission policy triggers a referral or for development applications that receives 10 or more unique objections.


Departure from development standards - Development that contravenes a development standard imposed by a planning instrument by more than 10% or non–numerical development standards


Designated development - Developments that are high-impact developments (e.g. likely to generate pollution) or are located in or near an environmentally sensitive area (e.g. a wetland).


Heritage – Development applications for demolition of a heritage item.


Higher density residential - Residential flat building (4 or more storeys in height).


Planning Agreements – development applications for which the developer has offered to enter into a planning agreement.


Sensitive development - development for the purposes of new premises that will require a club licence or a hotel (general bar) licence or an on–premises licence for public entertainment venues; development for the purpose of sex services premises and restricted premises.


Note: the above summary is for information purposes only, please refer to the actual criteria set out in the Minister’s direction for full details of the criteria, including any exemptions.