Rezoning Applications

A Planning Proposal is the process to change the zoning of a site or sites, and/or the range of activities permissible on a site within a Local Environmental Plan.

To rezone land in Fairfield City, a Planning Proposal (PP) must be prepared. The Planning Proposal must be justified and be consistent with State, Metropolitan, Subregional and Local Strategic Plans.

Pre lodgement meetings for Planning Proposals are encouraged to allow:

  • proponents to communicate intentions for sites supported (where applicable) by studies, concept plans and drawings
  • Council to provide the context of current planning work or developments that are occurring in the area and may impact upon a Planning Proposal.

You can start the process by speaking with Council's Strategic Land Use Planning Team by calling 9725 0222.

Application Fees 

Minor LEP Amendment
Spot rezoning of a single site, matter does not create a significant precedent or require a policy review.
Please note additional fees may also apply such as the preparation of a Economic Impact Statement and a peer review which will be at the applicant's cost.
2019/20 fee: $15,000.00

Major LEP Amendment
Large number of lots, matter creates a significant precedent or requires a major policy review.
2019/20 fee: $50,000.00

Planning Proposals may also require amendments to associated Council policies such as Development Control Plans.

Minor related Development Control Plan (DCP) Amendment
2019/20 fee: $2,000.00 (This fee is refundable if the amendment does not proceed.)

Major related DCP Amendment/creation of DCP or amendment to site specific DCP
2019/20 fee: $10,000.00 

Minor or major related Section 94 Development Contribution Plan Amendment
2019/20 fee: No charge

Pre-Planning Proposal advice - Minor Amendment
2019/20 fee: $300.00
Pre-Planning Proposal advice - Major Amendment
2019/20 fee: $1750.00


LEP Tracking System 

The Department of Planning and Environment's online tracking system is available for any person to follow the process of a Planning Proposal once it has been submitted by Council to the Department.