Local Policies

Local Policies related to Planning and Building

You can view and download the relevant policy by inputting the relevant policy number (i.e 0-000) in the search field of Council's policy register.

Policy Register 

0-045 Stormwater Drainage Policy - Guidelines to the requirements for stormwater drainage and civil works.

0-052 Heritage Rate Relief Program - Preservation of heritage items in the Fairfield LGA through the provision of a rates rebate to owners of heritage listed properties.

0-057 Pump Out Drainage Systems - Guidelines for pump-out drainage systems

0-059 Approval of Public Fireworks Displays and Street Processions - Statement regarding lodging applications for the use of fireworks within the Fairfield LGA.

0-060 Specification for Roadworks and Drainage Associated with Subdivision or Other Developments

0-063 Heritage Grants Program - Guidelines for the lodging and approval of funding applications under Council's Heritage Grants - Program for minor building alterations

0-064 Outdoor Dining Policy - Guidelines and approval process for the use of outdoor dining on footpath areas.

0-065 Display of Goods on Council Owned Footpaths

0-066 Compliance and Enforcement - Building Control and Land Use Policy - Guidelines for staff to act promptly, consistently and effectively in response to allegations of unlawful activity.

0-067 Building in Saline Environments Policy - Measures designed to minimise the risk of salt damage on building materials used in the construction of buildings in the Fairfield LGA

0-068 Rural Area On-Site Detention Guidelines - Design tool for On-Site Detention in the rural area to assist designers

0-069 Urban Areas On Site Detention Handbook - Urban Areas On Site Detention Handbook

0-119 Large Lot Policy - This policy provides the criteria to guide proponent is determining the merits of seeking Council endorsement of planning proposals for medium density housing on larger lots within Zone R2 Low Density Residential