Building Inspections

For Council inspections of works, you or your builder will need to call Council's Customer Service Centre on 9725 0222 to arrange an inspection, at least 24 hours before the inspection.

If works are not ready for inspection, you are encouraged cancel or postpone the inspection, as incomplete works may require a re-inspection and additional fee.

Council does inspections Monday to Friday and you are required to have your stamped plans on site (they should be available on-site throughout construction).

After the inspection is completed, you will be given a written record of results. It is important to keep a copy of each of your inspections.

If the inspection finds works to be defective, you will be required to rectify the fault and arrange for a re-inspection before proceeding to the next stage of construction.

How you can help the building inspection process

  • You must build according to the construction certificate plans and follow the conditions of the development consent, in particular conditions relating to sedimentation control, traffic management, asbestos removal and site remediation.
  • You cannot make changes to the building design without checking with the PCA. The PCA will decide whether an application to change the development is needed.

You must work as best you can to help the building and inspection process by:

  • Allowing the relevant certifier on to the site.
  • Keeping the PCA updated regarding construction and the conditions of development consent that need to be satisfied as work occurs. The PCA will check the conditions are being met at appropriate stages.
  • Reporting complaints from neighbours or the Council to the PCA and taking steps to rectify any problems. Similarly, report any problems that arise on the site that mean that the work is not occurring as required by the conditions.

The PCA can issue a notice of intent to issue an order under the legislation if the development is not occurring as approved. The Council will then decide whether to issue an order, which may include a stop work order. Council can also issue on-the-spot fines.

Occupation Certificate

When the whole of the work is completed, a final inspection needs to be done to the satisfaction of your Principal Certifying Authority and an Occupation Certificate issued by the PCA verifying that the work is completed in accordance with your Development Consent and is fit for occupation.

Changes to the Approved Plans

Before or during the building process, it may become necessary to alter, or you may simply choose to alter, your proposal from what was approved by Council.

If this does occur, you must contact the Council to find out if you need to make an application to amend your original approval (called a Section 96 application).

Section 96 applications are subject to a fee and are considered in the same manner as the original Development Application, including the notification process (if the external configuration or height of the structure has changed). The change to the proposal may also require the issue of a modified Construction Certificate.

If you are uncertain on any aspect of your Development Approval or you require further information, please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9725 0222 for assistance.