Before Building

You are responsible for ensuring the following activities have occurred before starting any construction:

  • Either a development consent (DA) and a construction certificate (CC) or a complying development certificate (CDC) must be issued. Development consent is issued by Council or a consent authority; construction or complying development certificates are issued by council or accredited certifiers.
  • A principal certifying authority (PCA) must be appointed by the landowner (a builder can only appoint a PCA if they own the land). The PCA checks the building work at set stages of construction to ensure it accords with the development consent/complying development certificate and national building standards.
The PCA is a public official whose first responsibility is to meet public safety and regulatory requirements.
You are responsible for other activities that must take place before work starts: 
  • You and the PCA must install and maintain a site sign on the development site (unless it involves internal building work not affecting external walls), and it is preferable that this is a joint sign. The sign must detail the contact information of the PCA and the principal contractor.
  • Your Owner Builders permit or licence and insurance details must be made available to be checked by the PCA.
  • You must ensure you have been given notice of required inspections for the building work. The landowner will inform you of this after they are notified of the requirements by the PCA.