During Building

You are responsible for notifying the PCA, at least 48 hours in advance, of when the building work has reached or will reach the appropriate stage for required inspections to take place.

The PCA (or another certifying authority with the PCA’s agreement) will carry out the critical stage inspections and other inspections. These inspections cannot be missed.

You have a responsibility to ensure these inspections take place at the right time and that work does not start on the next stages without these inspections taking place.

If an inspection is missed:

  • The occupation certificate may not be issued at the end of the work, whether or not the work is otherwise satisfactory.
  • You may not receive final payment under your contract.
  • Disciplinary action can be taken against you if you have knowingly done any work before the PCA has made any required critical stage inspection or you have failed to give the required notification of an inspection.
  • The Council may issue a stop work order and order any problems to be fixed.

The following reasons are not considered satisfactory reasons for missing an inspection:

  • The builder being unaware they are to call the PCA for an inspection;
  • The builder giving insufficient notice to the PCA for an inspection;
  • The PCA being on holidays, and
  • The builder having someone else other than the PCA undertake the inspection without the PCA’s agreement. 

The PCA will keep a record of any missed inspections, including the principal contractor’s details.