Major Projects

The Crescent Plaza, Fairfield City Centre

The Crescent Plaza in the Fairfield City Centre won first place in the prestigious LNA Master Landscapers Association Awards for its stunning design and practical use of urban space in October 2017.

The Crescent Plaza, opened in December 2016, celebrates the diversity and rich cultural heritage of our City.

It provides a contemporary and welcome space for a wide range of users including parents and children, shoppers, local businesses, workers and visitors.

Council opened the modern urban plaza in the Fairfield City Centre in response to a lack of open space in this busy Centre, particularly near the Fairfield Station transport interchange.

The Crescent Plaza features substantial shade tree plantings and landscaped areas, safety and ambient lighting, sitting platforms, sculptured metal seating and pavements, a children’s play-sculpture area, a heritage timeline artwork, an LED visual media screen and public Wi-Fi and hosts many community events.