Strategies and Studies

Local Strategy

The population of Sydney will increase by 1.3 million people by 2031, meaning an additional 664,000 homes are needed. 

Council has a long-term plan that will allow more people to live around town centres and areas that have good public transport and are close to services and facilities.

Residential Development Strategy East – Planning Proposal

Council has identified areas where it can increase the number of homes - in Fairfield, Fairfield Heights, Fairfield East and Villawood. A map shows properties where the option of villas/townhouse or flats/apartments is being investigated.

A map of proposed zoning shows intended medium and high density residential precincts

A Gateway Determination has been made by the State Government to allow public exhibition. It is expected that a consultation period will begin in early March 2016 for six weeks. Landowners and the community will have an opportunity to have their say.

Information will appear within the Public Notices section of Council’s website.

For more information please call Council's Strategic Land Use Planning Unit on 9725 0222.

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