Development Process

Development Advisory Meetings

Development Advisory Meetings (DAM), also known as “Pre-lodgement meetings”, are held between people intending to develop within Fairfield City and who are looking for advice and help from Council planning and building staff before lodging development applications.

Development Advisory Meetings help to:

  • Identify important issues that need to be considered and addressed in development applications;
  • Meet planning objectives in Council’s Local Environmental Plan and check that applicable Development Control Plans have been met and are understood;
  • Make the design and development assessment process clearer to someone who is developing in the City for the first time or for sites with exceptional characteristics such as heritage or environmental impacts, and
  • Minimise processing times and the need to modify proposals.

While every care is given to provide advice at Development Advisory Meetings, applicants must ensure they understand site constraints, zoning and development control requirements. It helps to engage professionally qualified people with a portfolio of successful and well-designed developments to prepare applications.