Planning Agreements

A Planning Agreement is an agreement entered into by a planning authority (such as Fairfield City Council) and a developer who has sought a change to a Local Environmental Plan through a planning proposal or who has made a development application.

Under a Planning Agreement, a developer agrees to provide or fund:

  • public amenities and public services
  • affordable housing
  • transport or other infrastructure.

Contributions can be made through:

  • dedication of land
  • monetary contributions
  • construction of infrastructure
  • provision of materials for public benefit and/or use.

Planning Agreements cannot be entered into unless public notice has been given and an explanatory note is made available for inspection for 28 days. Please clickon the link below to access Council's Policy.

Fairfield City Council Voluntary Planning Agreement Policy

Council’s policy on Planning Agreements

Council’s policy on Planning Agreements became effective on 5 September 2018.

The policy provides guidelines for both the Council and developers to effectively negotiate and prepare planning agreements.

The framework for the negotiation, assessment and use of Planning Agreements ensures that is clear, consistent, efficient, fair and accountable.  

The policy provides a template planning agreement document, including infrastructure works that may be considered to have a public benefit.

Register of Planning Agreements

Clause 25F of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation requires councils to keep a register.

Below is a list of planning agreements with Council that are currently:

  • On notification – planning agreements available for public inspection and comment before being finalised
  • Finalised – planning agreements that have been notified but yet to be entered into by Council and the Developer
  • Executed – Planning agreements that have been entered into and signed by both the City Manager on behalf of Council and the developer.