Fairfield LEP Review

Fairfield Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 is being reviewed to align with priorities outlined in the Greater Sydney Commission's Western City District Plan (i.e. 10 Directions) within a two year timeframe (to mid-2020) following State government funding.

Council has prepared a 20 year vision for Fairfield City’s future planning and development – it’s in our Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS).

The LSPS provides the direction for land use planning and decisions as we continue Shaping A Diverse City.


• sets the foundation for what makes Fairfield City great

• identifies what the community needs into the future

• directs how planning will deliver a City the community needs

The LSPS contains planning priorities and actions to deliver a diverse City, offering choice in housing, access to jobs, open space and parklands and thriving centres.

As part of the review process various studies will be undertaken, with an opportunity for comment and input. Keep an eye out for public notices to have your say in the City's future. 

Phases involved in the review project.

Phase 1 - LEP Review Health Check

A review of Fairfield LEP 2013, relevant local plans and strategies to assess their alignment with the Western City District Plan. Council's LEP Review Health Check was considered by Council on 25 September 2018 and has been approved by the GSC. 

Phase 2 - Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

The draft Fairfield LSPS was on public exhibition from 26 June 2019  - 23 August 2019. To view the exhibited draft LSPS, click here.

Phase 3 - Final LSPS > we are here

Review Submissions and implementation options. Finalise the Fairfield LSPS.

Phase 4 - Planning Proposal & Gateway Approval

Prepare planning proposal for new Fairfield LEP and request gateway approval from Department of Planning and Environment.

Phase 5 - Exhibit Draft LEP

Community consultation for planning proposal and draft LEP.

Phase 6 - Plan Making

Submit final planning proposal to Department of Planning and Environment for finalisation.