Household Waste Collection

Household garbage collection

When is my collection day?

Every household in the Fairfield City Council area is provided with a dark green garbage bin. Your household garbage is collected on the same day each week. 

To find out what day your garbage is collected, please contact us on 9725 0222.


How to use your Garbage Bin

  • Place only your household garbage into your garbage bin. 
  • Put the bin out on the afternoon or night before your collection day. 
  • When placing bins out on the footpath, ensure the lid opens facing the road.
  • Remember to leave a one metre gap between all bins and keep your bin clear of any parked cars or other obstructions. 
  • Put your bin away as soon as possible to avoid theft and vandalism

What CAN go into your Garbage Bin

  • Food packaging
  • Food waste
  • Non-recyclables
  • Plastic bags, garbage bags
  • Nappies
  • Broken household items
  • Grass clippings and small garden prunings.

What CANNOT go into your Garbage Bin

  • No asbestos (including fibro)
  • No building waste 
  • No car parts or car batteries
  • No car oil
  • No syringes/needles 
  • No chemicals  
  • No paint
  • No medicines or medical waste 
  • No hot ashes
  • No gas bottles

Please remember not to put recyclable items in your garbage bin. Put them into your recycling bin. See Recycling for details. 

Broken or stolen bins

If your garbage bin is broken or stolen please call us on 9725 0222 or fill in the Online Form. You will need to tell the Customer Service Officer your address and your garbage collection day. If the bin is broken you will be asked to identify which part of the bin requires repair, e.g. lid, wheels or bin body.

Multi-unit developments

In multi-unit developments, bins are usually stored at the front of the residence in a bin bay area. The type of bins provided (i.e. containers or wheelie bins) depends on the storage space available and the number of units being served.