Household Waste Collection

Household recycling service

When is my collection day?

Council provides each domestic household with a light green wheelie bin that has a yellow lid. This recycling bin is collected every two weeks on the same day as your garbage bin.

If you would like a Recycling Calendar, please contact Council on 9725 0222.



Brochure - correct recycling

How to use the recycling bin




  • Rinse containers
  • Remove lids from all bottles and jars
  • Remove lids and squash all plastic bottles
  • Remove recycling from plastic bags before putting it into the bin
  • Do not put plastic bags in the recycling bin - put them into the garbage bin



Recycling bin inspections

Council undertakes regular inspections of recycling bins. Any recycling bin that is found to contain garbage, garden waste, food scraps, nappies, building waste, car parts, plastic toys, plastic household items, syringes, clothing or gas cylinders will not be collected.