Waste and Recycling FAQs

What bins should I have at my property?

Houses have two bins – a garbage bin with a red or green lid and a recycling bin with a yellow lid.

Apartment buildings have multiple garbage and recycling bins which are shared by all units.


What can I put in my bins?

Please visit the Garbage and Recycling pages for more information about what can go in each bin.


When are my bins collected?

You can call Council on 9725 0222 to request a Recycling Calendar. Put your bins out the night before your collection day.


My bin has been lost, stolen or damaged. What should I do?

Call Council on 9725 0222 and we will organise to repair or replace your bin.


I have too much rubbish to fit in my bins. Can I get extra bins?

Yes, however this will attract an additional charge. For more information, call Council on 9725 0222.

Additional recycling can be taken to Council’s Recycling Drop Off Centre on the corner of Davis and Widemere roads, Wetherill Park free of charge on Saturdays from 8am-4pm.


Can I put extra items out for collection in bags or boxes?

No. All items for collection must fit into your bins and the lid must close.


Why wasn't my bin emptied?

  • You may have put the bin out too late
  • You may have placed the wrong bin out
  • The bin may be too heavy or overfilled
  • The bin may have incorrect items inside
  • The driver may not have seen the bin due to an obstruction
  • The truck may not have visited your street yet

For more information, call Council on 9725 0222.


Should I take my bins with me when I move?

No. They must remain at the property.


What should I do with my bins when my property is under construction?

Call Council on 9725 0222 to arrange for your bins to be temporarily removed and returned once construction has been completed.


When is my next kerbside clean-up collection?

All residential properties receive two free scheduled kerbside clean-up collections each year to dispose of bulky household items. You can find your next collection date using the When is my collection day tool. You will receive a brochure in your mailbox a week prior to your collection day to remind you.


What can I put out for my kerbside clean-up collection?

To find out what you can and can’t put out for your kerbside clean-up collection visit the Kerbside Clean-up Collection page.

If you have items that Council does not accept, visit the A-Z Waste and Recycling Guide page for a list of disposal options.


Can I have an extra bulky household waste collection?

Yes. Council provides paid on-call collections of bulky household items. Call 9725 0222 to obtain a quote.


What can I do if I see dumped rubbish?

You can report dumped rubbish to Council by calling 9725 0222. Council will investigate and issue fines to those responsible.


More information

If you have further questions about waste and recycling, please call Council on 9725 0222.