Regulation and Enforcement

Regulation enforcement is a necessary function of Council to ensure compliance with relevant legislation laid down to protect the interests of the community at large.

Council has a duty of care to regulate and enforce compliance with legislative provisions of a variety of Acts and Regulations within Council's jurisdiction.

Council's Local Orders Policy provides the guideline for enforcing regulation within Fairfield City that include:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Asbestos
  • Backyard burning
  • Cars for sale
  • Dob in a Dumper
  • Footpath parking and obstructions
  • Leaking guttering and downpipes
  • Light traffic roads
  • Local Orders Policy
  • Littering
  • Overgrown properties
  • Parking and parking fines
  • Poultry, pigeons, birds
  • Rabbits
  • Street trading
  • Traffic matters
  • Tree protection
  • Trucks in residential streets
  • Unauthorised building work
  • Unuathorised land use
  • Vermin (rats and mice)
  • Water restrictions

Council's Community Enforcement Officers are responsible for minimising environmental and public health impacts on the community through education, and where necessary by enforcement.