Committees and Networks

Fairfield Council actively participates in numerous committees and networks that address issues of Community Safety and Crime Prevention.

Mayor’s Crime Prevention Reference Group 

The Mayor's Crime Prevention Reference Group is a formal partnership between Council, Police, government agencies, community organisations and local residents to work together to improve community safety and reduce crime in Fairfield City. 

Fairfield Domestic Violence Committee

The Fairfield Domestic Violence Committee (FDVC) aims to reduce the local incidence of domestic violence through the development of partnerships and increased coordination of service provision. The Committee has operated for over 25 years. 
Fairfield City Council is a member of the FDVC and has a long-standing commitment to reducing domestic violence in the City. 

Local Government Community Safety and Crime Prevention Network 

Fairfield City Council is a founding member of this NSW State wide network. The Local Government Community Safety and Crime Prevention Network are made up of stakeholders that have an interest in improving community safety and reducing and preventing crime. 

For more information or to get involved in any of the above, please email Council at or call 9725 0222.