Business Emergency Preparation

Businesses can do much to prepare for the impact of the many hazards they face in today’s world including natural hazards, human-caused hazards or technology related hazards. 

In Fairfield City, areas of the city are flood prone where many businesses are located. While properties may not be flooded, access could be disrupted. Employees may also need to be evacuated to avoid rising flood waters. All businesses run the risk of damage from fire, no matter where they are.

The following resources will help your business be prepared for an unexpected emergency.

Emergency management plan guides and templates

  • Emergency management & recovery plan template (Word, 0.14MB)
    A free template to help you prepare, take action and recover from an emergency situation.
  • Emergency management & recovery plan guide (Word, 0.07MB) A guide to the Emergency management & recovery plan template. The guide covers information and advice on creating an Emergency management plan with explanations for each section of the template.
  • iPad app: MyBizShield. An interactive tool for creating an emergency management and recovery plan that’s right for your business. Download MyBizShield to create an emergency management & recovery plan, receive prompts and handy tips while creating your plan and gain access to your plan ‘on the go’