Youth Information & Videos

Youth Information and Videos

The Fairfield City Youth Information Resource has been developed by Council in collaboration with the Fairfield Youth Advisory Committee and the Fairfield Youth Workers Network.

An A1 poster has been developed and a pocket-size fold out for individuals. The resource lists a range of different Community services under the following headings:

  • Things to do
  • Places to go
  • Legal Services - Need Help with the Law?
  • Services for People with a Disability
  • Helplines
  • People who can Help
  • Studying and Finding Work
  • Understanding Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Places To Stay
  • Emergency!
  • Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander Services (A1 Poster Only)
  • Staying Healthy (A1 Poster Only)
  • Helplines and Websites

To obtain a copy of Fairfield City Youth Information Resource, please contact Council's Community Project Officer - Youth on  9725 0898

Fitness in Fairfield film project 2013

Fitness Equipment has been provided at a range of sites across Fairfield City for the benefit of the community. The equipment is suitable for people aged 13 and above and provides a range of exercise options. This series of videos has been provided to show the location of equipment, and provide examples of how the equipment can be used to meet different exercise needs.

These videos were made in July 2013 as part of  Fairfield City Council’s Film.13 youth film initiative in collaboration with Curious Works. For more information on Fitness in Fairfield, please visit Fitness in Fairfield – Walking and Exercise.

Fairfield Youth and Community Centre

Fairfield Youth and Community Centre was officially opened on Friday 9 October 2015 by Mayor Frank Carbone, Chris Bowen MP and Senator the Hon Marise Payne.

The $8.5 million project consisting of a 3,000 square metre facility containing a large hall with basketball courts, trampolines, a rock climbing wall, program rooms and additional parking spaces.