Council Youth Strategy 2013-17

Strategy for Young People in Fairfield City 2013 - 2017

Through a wide range of initiatives, including the award-winning Bring It On! Festival and the Fairfield Youth Advisory Committee, Faifield City Council has provided opportunities for young people to be challenged and grow their skills, participate in community life and celebrate youth cultures.

Council has also invested in 'bricks and mortar' to create spaces for young people, including youth centres, skate parks and public art murals, and is building a new Fairfield Youth and Community Centre, which should be completed late this in 2015. 

The purpose of the Strategy for Young People in Fairfield City 2013-2017 is to consolidate and build on these successful programs, provide strategic direction and formalise Council's commitment to the development and support of young people in Fairfield City.

The Strategy for Young People will contribute to the delivery of the Fairfield City Plan 2012-2022. It will also integrate with other strategies and plans of Council, and be included in our forward planning.

The Strategy for Young People was developed through research and consultation, with input from over 600 young people, service providers and Council staff.


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