Sportsfields Open/Closed Status

Sportsfields open at club discretion.

Open sign

Fairfield City Council sporting fields are open at clubs' discretion, Tuesday 17 March. 

Sportsfields are closed only for safety reasons.

Decisions to open or close sportsfields on a weekend will be made no later than 3.30pm on a Friday afternoon.

Before using the sportsfields

  • Inspect the sportsfields/sporting facilities to ensure they are fit for play. Games/training should not go ahead if water is pooling, the play surface is wet underfoot, or debris is not cleared.
  • Report if sharps (syringes) are found. Secure the site and contact Council on 9725 0222 for an emergency call for attendance by an appropriately trained officer, who will safely dispose of these items. 

After using sportsfields

  • Report any hazards/vandalism/damage by calling Council's Customer Service Centre on 9725 0222.

Process before and after your season hire  

Complete the Sporting Facilities Checklist at the beginning and at the completion of your seasonal hire to help with scheduled maintenance inspections of the facility. Please email the completed check list to

Maintenance of the sportsfields

Council carries out a comprehensive sportsfield renovation and maintenance program each year from September through to March. Renovation and maintenance work includes aeration, topdressing, weed spraying, fertilising and turfing. 

This website advice is a primary source of information about the status of Council's sportsfields. At other times call Council's Customer Service Centre on 9725 0222.