Overgrown Properties

A property is generally considered overgrown if grass is above 60cm (about knee height). As a guide, property owners should keep vegetation well maintained within 5m of a property boundary. 

Residents are encouraged to try to solve overgrown vegetation problems first by talking to the property owner. Most people are happy to take care of vegetation maintenance problems when they are approached in a friendly manner. If this approach fails, call Council on 9725 0222. 

Council's Investigations Officers promptly respond to complaints of overgrown vegetation and, if required, will employ a contractor to remove vegetation, the cost of which is then charged to the owner. 

Overgrown properties detract from the general appearance of the area as well as providing refuge to vermin, which leaves a property in an unhealthy condition. Council requires that owners of land maintain their property in a healthy condition, to avoid the possibility of vermin (rats, mice etc). 

Regulatory action involves issuing co-operation letters, followed by the service of formal notices directing the property owner to manage and maintain the vegetation under the provisions of the Local Government Act.