School Parking

Parking Concerns in School Areas

It is not practical for schools to provide enough parking for everyone, so it is the driver’s responsibility to park their car legally and to help ease parking issues and keep a school’s students safe.

Safety Concerns in and Around Schools


  • Speeding motorists
  • Parking on footpaths
  • Parking across driveways
  • Parking on median strips (including flush medians)
  • Disregard of parking signage


What Can Parents Do?


  • Always be aware of children
  • Walk or cycle to school to drop off or collect children
  • Try to use nearby parking facilities such as reserves or shopping centres, and walk a short distance to the school
  • Plan your trip so you arrive on the school side of the road
  • Try to arrive before peak pick up times
  • Avoid leaving your vehicle for long periods


What Can Teachers Do?


  • Educate students about procedures around the school precinct
  • Encourage children to educate their parents or carers about what they should and shouldn’t do when parking near the school




No stopping/no standing signs

These signs mean that in the area in the direction of the arrow you must not stop your vehicle at any point on the road or kerb, unless there is a medical or other emergency.

Sometimes a no stopping area is indicated by a solid yellow edge line.

Hours of operation may apply to some signs. This means restrictions apply for those times only.

Penalties and Fines

Please be aware that penalties may apply for:


  • Parking on a NO STOPPING area (stopping on a road during the prohibited period)
  • Stopping/parking on the footpath
  • Parking in a NO PARKING area
  • Double parking
  • Parking on a nature strip (verge)
  • Parking such that the vehicle causes obstruction in a public place
  • Parking facing the wrong way against traffic flow
  • Parking on a median strip