Stormwater and Water Quality

Stormwater is rainwater that flows off land.

When it rains, some stormwater is collected from your roof, driveways or paved and landscaped areas. It flows over land, or through the pipes and drains, to the existing public stormwater system and into our creeks.

Council's Stormwater Levy allows an additional $1.2 million a year to be dedicated to significant stormwater-related environmental projects. Funds spent each year are reported in Council’s annual report, separately from the rest of Council’s budget. The Local Government Act provides councils with the ability to implement a program of major improvements to stormwater management, funded by a Stormwater Levy.

Funds are allocated to urgent work to improve the quality and/or quantity of water in our local creeks and help stop buildings being flooded. All projects will be designed using best practice, incorporating designs that save, re-use and improve water management. This is called water sensitive urban design.

List of proposed stormwater related projects

Frequently asked questions in relation to the proposed Stormwater Levy

Stormwater Program is compiled from the investigations of Council staff, initiated from various sources such as drainage studies, requests/complaints received and other known drainage trouble spots throughout the city. Council’s database ranks projects on the basis of hazard. A summary of the criteria follows and is listed in descending order of priority.

  1. Situations where house floor levels are inundated or public safety is at risk
  2. Situations where out-buildings are inundated
  3. Situations where the property is inundated (yard flooding)
  4. Situations which cause a nuisance, such as long term maintenance problems

The State Government has also directed Council to develop and implement a catchment-based Stormwater Management Plan (SMP). Guidelines for the ranking in the SMP were developed by the State Government agency responsible for administering the development of the Stormwater Management Plans. This SMP is used to rank and prioritise stormwater management strategies along with Council’s existing database of stormwater drainage requirements.

Water quality is monitored at various sites along selected waterways creeks along the 80km of creek corridors in Fairfield City. The results of the Water Quality Monitoring Program identify priority projects and works.  Details of the water quality sampling are reported in Council's State of the Environment Report. 

Fairfield City Council is a member of the Georges River Combined Councils Committee Inc which, with other member Councils in the catchment, undertakes projects and monitoring to improve the quality of the Georges River and its tributaries.