Terms and Conditions

Community Facilities - Terms & Conditions

After Hours Contact Number

In the case of an emergency or for any problems with Council’s communities facilities, phone Council’s On-call Officer on 0417 047 291.

Conditions of Casual Hire

There are specific conditions if you are to casually hire a facility that is owned by Council.

1. The Hirer must be a responsible person, 18 years or older who will be held liable to the Council for the cost of the repair of any damage or breakage to any part of the building premises, fitting or furniture, appliances or apparatus during the term of the function.

2. Council reserves the right to refuse any booking or cancel a booking (by giving as much notice is as practicable) where emergency conditions such as urgently needed repairs, the holding of Federal, State, Local Government Elections or other sufficient reason, in Council opinion, necessitates such action.

3. Neither Council, nor any of its officers or stewards, shall be liable in any way for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer, or any firm or corporation supplying any article or service to the Hirer, or otherwise in consequence of the exercise of this right.

4. All engagements are accepted conditionally upon compliance by the Hirer with the requirements of Places of Public Entertainment Regulations there under or any relevant act or regulation.

Usage of Fees and Charges

5. The Hirer agrees to have usage of the areas as prescribed on the hiring agreement and use only that part on the facility for which a fee has been paid.

6. The Hirer must state the nature of the function that is to take place and pay in accordance with Council's scheduled Fees and Charges. Where a booking is made to hold a function that in the opinion of the Council is not covered by Council's Scheduled of Fees and Charges Council reserves the right to impose special conditions and to fix a hire charge by Council to be reasonable, having regard to the nature of the function to be held. All hire fees will include GST.

7. Council facilities may not be used for commercial purposes. However, groups that are providing a community-focussed activity to residents (such as aerobic, dance or martial arts classes) are permitted to operate from this facility.

8. The Hirer shall not assign or sublet the premises as hired as aforesaid or any part thereof.

9. The Hirer undertakes that in the connection with use of the facility they will not permit or suffer anything to be done that is disorderly or offensive.

10. Before hiring the facility, the Hirer shall inspect the facility to ensure it is appropriate and safe for the use intended. The Hirer shall report any breakages or problems to Council as soon as possible.

11. The Hirer will pay the sum for the hire as set out in the Hire Agreement.

12. The Hirer will pay an Indemnity Deposit to cover the cost of keys and any damage to the facility.

  • Council will not accept cash, only personal cheques, bank cheques and money orders.
  • Refund within four (4) weeks after the date of the function is subject to compliance of the Conditions of Hire.
  • A forfeit of all or part of the deposit applies if the Conditions of Hire are not complied with.


13. The Hirer may cancel any booking by contacting the Regional Booking Officer either verbally or in writing at least four (4) weeks before the date of the function, in which case Council may refund any deposit paid, but if less than four weeks notice is given then the Hirer shall forfeit.

  • If a Hirer has booked and paid the bond and hire fee less than four (4) weeks before the function, an amount equal to five (5) hours hire will be deducted from the deposit and the remainder refunded.

14. All Hirers are to notify the Regional Booking Officer if there is any change to the application form.


15. Where relevant, keys are issued to the Hirer or nominated person on the last working day before the function by way of a deposit as stipulated on the Hire Agreement and is subject to:

  • A refund within four (4) weeks after cessation of use with the keys being returned promptly to the Booking Clerk;
  • A forfeit if keys are lost;
  • No additional keys may be cut by the Hirer without Council approval; and
  • Signing for the collection of the keys.

Setting Up

16. Setting up times must be pre-arranged with the Regional Booking Officer and are subject to the same fees and charges as set out in Council's Schedule of Fees and Charges.

17. The hire times as prescribed on the Hire Agreement must be strictly adhered to. If the Hirers wish to extend the prescribed hire times, the Regional Booking Office must be advised before the function.

18. Nails, screws, or any other fastenings MUST NOT be driven into or attached in any way to the walls, floors, timber work, furniture or fittings. Adhesive tape may be used with care.

Please note that all decorations must be removed from the building.

19. Setting up of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the Hirer, as is putting them back into the allocated storage area in a safe and neat fashion.

20. Tables and chairs must not be dragged on floor surfaces.

21. Furniture and fittings must not be removed from the facility without permission from Council. Failure to do so will result in a fee being deducted from your Indemnity Deposit.


22. The Hirer must obtain Council's approval for the erection of any signs outside the facility.

Objectionable Materials

23. Bringing into the facility or use of therein of fireworks, any type of barbecues, confetti, chewing gum, or any other articles deemed by Council to be objectionable, or placing or throwing of inflammable items, is prohibited.

Smoking and Alcohol

24. Smoking is not permitted within any Council facility.

25. It is the Hirer's responsibility to obtain the necessary liquor permits.

  • Liquor Consumption Permit - Hirers wishing to consume liquor on the premises must apply to the Licensing Sergeant at the following stations: Cabramatta Police Station, Fairfield Police Station and Wetherill Park Police Station. Permit issued free of charge.
  • Liquor License - Hirers wishing to sell liquor on the premise must apply directly at their local Police Station

All licenses/permits must be viewed by the Regional Booking Office before the date of the function and the Hirer must advise the Regional Booking Office of the name of the person who will be responsible for the dispensation of liquor.

26. Beer kegs are to be left outside the building at all times.

Fire regulations

27. All exit doors are to be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.

28. Exit lights are to be switched on at all times when the facility is in use.

29. Fire extinguishers, hose and blanket are provided within the facility. This equipment is not to be used inappropriately or removed from Council's premises.

30. No naked flame is permitted within facility.

Noise Pollution

31. All music must cease at 12am (midnight). Any music played must be kept to a reasonable level to avoid disruption to adjoining residential area.

Loss or Damage

32. Fairfield City Council will not accept any responsibility for articles left on the premises.

33. The Hirer shall be responsible for the cost of making good any loss or damage caused to the building, floor, furniture or fittings arising out of, and in the course of, the function.

34. Council retains the right to determine the cost of any damage or cleaning and to withhold this is part of the Indemnity Deposit.

Cleaning and Removal of Garbage

35. Hirers must leave the areas as hired clean and tidy. Failure to do so will result in part or all of the Indemnity Deposit being retained. A minimum cleaning fee of $33 an hour is charged for any extra cleaning required.

36. The Hirer is responsible for the caterers or users of the kitchen to leave it clean as found.

37. The Hirer is responsible for all the rubbish to be placed in garbage bags and placed in the Otto bins provided outside the building. No loose rubbish is to be left behind. No rubbish is to be burnt.


38. The Hirer shall ensure all vehicles are correctly parked in the designated parking area and not parked on footpaths, or on the grassed area surrounding the facility.

39. Bikes and skateboards are not permitted within the facility. These may be left in the area outside the facility only.

Conduct and Supervision

40. The Hirer will be responsible for the conduct of each and every person in attendance at the function and for the maintenance and preservation of good order generally. The Hirer undertakes that in connection with the use of the facility they will not permit or suffer anything to be done that is disorderly or offensive. The Hirer will be responsible for all consequences relating to drunken behaviour.

41. The promoters of public functions are required to provide at least one adult attendant per fifteen (15) persons attending.

Security: Alarms and Keys

42. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the Centre keys are collected and returned in accordance with arrangements made with the Regional Booking Officer.

43. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to disarm the alarm system upon entering the building, unless previous arrangements have been made with the Regional Booking Officer. When leaving the building the Hirer must ensure windows are shut, doors secured and the alarm re-set.

The building must not be left unlocked or unmanned during the period of booking.

Any breach of security (e.g. building left unlocked or alarm not re-set) will result in a fee of $44 payable to Fairfield City Council.

Information on the alarm will be provided by the Regional Booking Office.

44. The building must be vacated no later than 1am. Hirers must leave the hall in a quiet and orderly manner. If the building is not vacated by this time a further fee may be levied.


45. The facility is only let on the prescribed conditions in these rules and the payment by any person of any sum of money shall be deemed to be an acknowledgment and acceptance by such person of the conditions and stipulation in these terms and conditions.