Hall Hire


For community groups

If a community group no longer needs a space, Council must be advised as soon as possible so the space can be allocated to others. Council needs four weeks' notice, but will be flexible under special circumstances.

Community groups that fail to notify Council that a facility space is no longer required will be charged the hire fee.

For casual hire

As per the hire agreement, the Hirer may cancel any booking by contacting the Booking Officer either verbally or in writing at least four (4) weeks before the date of the function, in which case Council may refund any deposit paid, but if less than four weeks notice is given then the Hirer shall forfeit the deposit.

If a Hirer has booked and paid the bond and hire fee less than four (4) weeks before the function, an amount equal to five (5) hours' hire will be deducted from the deposit and the remainder refunded.

All Hirers are to notify the Regional Booking Officer if there is any change to the application form.