Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I apply for Australian citizenship?
You can download an application pack or apply online at the Department of Immigration and border Protection website or call 131 880.

Where are Citizenship Ceremonies held?
Citizenship ceremonies are held at Fairfield City Council’s Administration Centre, 86 Avoca Road, Wakeley. Registration is from 6.30pm; doors close and the ceremony starts at 7.30pm.

How can I find out when my Citizenship Ceremony will be?
You will receive a letter from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection informing you of the date and time of your ceremony at Fairfield City Council.

What is the waiting time for a ceremony?
The waiting period for a Citizenship Ceremony once you have received the approval letter from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is about 2–3 months.

Will I receive my certificate at the Ceremony?

When will I receive the details confirming my ceremony?
You will receive an invitation letter from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection two to three weeks before the ceremony.

How many guests can I bring to the ceremony?
Fairfield City Council allows two (2) guest per recipient. Children, of course, are an exception.

How long does the Citizenship ceremony run for?
The Citizenship Ceremony runs for about one hour. Refreshments are provided for recipients and their guests immediately after the ceremony.

Is it possible to arrange a ceremony earlier than the standard waiting time (2-3 months)?
In exceptional circumstances, a private ceremony may be arranged with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.  For enquiries regarding early citizenship ceremonies please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on 131 880.

What are the fees to apply for Australian Citizenship?
The fees range from $65 to $240, depending on the type of Citizenship you are applying for. Fees are made payable to the Department of Immigration. Before applying applicants are advised to ring the Citizenship Information Line on 131 880 to confirm the fees.

What is the number for the Citizenship Information Line?
The Citizenship Information Line 131 880. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I have lost my citizenship certificate, what should I do?
If you have lost your citizenship certificate you will need to contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 131 880 to arrange a replacement. Fairfield City Council cannot issue or replace citizenship certificates.

Do children need to attend citizenship ceremonies?
Children aged 16 years and over are legally required to attend the citizenship ceremony. Children under the age of 16 are not legally required to attend the ceremony, however, they are welcome to attend.

Can I take photos during the ceremony?
Guests are permitted to take photos only from their seats so as not to delay proceedings. Council will take official photos of each new citizen and these will be mailed out free of charge. You will also have an opportunity to take your own photo with the Mayor after the ceremony.