April 2015

Fairfield’s Fabulous residents

Fabulous Fairfield residents for April 2015
Mayor Frank Carbone with the Fabulous Fairfield residents for April 2015.

Council established the Fabulous Fairfield program as a way of thanking residents who take the time and effort to make our City beautiful.

Tonight we congratulate residents from Bonnyrigg Heights, Cabramatta, Cabramatta West, Fairfield, Mt Pritchard and Prairiewood. 

We are seeing attractive green gardens across the City due to the rainfall this month. The trees are changing hue, with the gold and oranges of autumn mixing with the lush green lawns and flourishing gardens.

Our Bonnyrigg Heights gardener manages to have thriving annuals bringing colour throughout the year. 

All gardeners are being sustainable in their gardens with the use of rain water, lawn clippings and compost bins.

Our resident in Cabramatta West has been living in her home for 41 years, which shows they are a very committed and loyal resident.

I would like to congratulate the recipients of the April Fabulous Fairfield awards as the standard this month has been very high. 

Tonight, our Fabulous Fairfield residents will receive a native plant grown by the Fairfield Community Native Plant Nursery volunteers. More than 190 different native plants are grown by this group of volunteers, who are based at our Nalawala Urban Sustainability Hub.

Councillors, please join me in congratulating tonight’s winners of the Fabulous Fairfield program.

Frank Carbone
28 April 2015