August 2015


Last month, as part of a new Community and Infrastructure Priorities Program, Councillors voted unanimously to allocate $50,000 to promote tourism and marketing/jobs creation in our City. 

As our Council logo states, our City celebrates its cultural diversity, from its people to its places. Testimony to this diversity is Bibbys Place in Bonnyrigg, where you can find a Christian church, an Islamic mosque and a Buddhist temple sitting side by side!

Our City is home to some of the largest festivals in South West Sydney, from the Bring It On! youth festival at Fairfield Showground in Prairiewood, to Culinary Carnivale in Fairfield City Centre, and the Moon Festival in Cabramatta. This year we will hold the inaugural “Illuminate” New Year’s Eve fireworks display, with 11 sites throughout the city lighting up the sky.

The new Adventure Playground in Fairfield Park, adjacent to Fairfield Leisure Centre, has become an icon for the region and it draws hundreds of families every weekend. Once the Youth and Community Centre is opened and the proposed boot camp-style obstacle course and tree top walk is built, this precinct will be one of the best family friendly recreation areas in South Western Sydney.

Added to this are food tours that promote the restaurants and cafes in Fairfield, Cabramatta and Canley Vale/Canley Heights, Fairfield markets - the premier markets in Western Sydney - and the soon-to-be-built water park at Prairiewood.

Now is the time to showcase our City and to promote our fantastic facilities and events. This campaign will build on the success of our City and its people as one of the premier cities in South West Sydney by attracting visitors to Fairfield from areas far and wide. Bringing in visitors to share these attractions will benefit our City in many ways, by creating more jobs, boosting the local economy and generally growing the prosperity of Fairfield City.

This “Destination Fairfield” campaign will build on our unique image by exhibiting that we’re a great tourism and major event location in New South Wales, as well as Australia.

Councillors, I ask for your support tonight to ask Council staff to investigate a Destination Fairfield promotional campaign and provide a report to Council.

Frank Carbone

25 August 2015