February 2016

Fabulous Fairfield

Council established the Fabulous Fairfield program as a way of thanking our residents who take the time and effort to help make our City beautiful.

Tonight we congratulate residents from Bonnyrigg, Canley Heights, Fairfield Heights, Fairfield West, Greenfield Park and Prairiewood.

Gardeners have been very busy as all gardens this month are immaculate. Their hard work is paying dividends creating a spectacular colour contrast across the City.

Our Canley Heights resident has been living in their home for 46 years and in that time has cultivated a beautiful garden and lawns.

Our resident from Prairiewood is 92 years young and still takes excellent care of his lawns and gardens. It is wonderful to see that age does not hinder one’s passion for their garden.

The residents in Fairfield Heights have been married 57 years and have a superb vegetable garden, fruit trees and are self-sufficient, reflecting the dedication and care they put into their yard.

Bonnyrigg High School ran a competition in 2014 for Year 8 students to design a medieval food garden. The winning design was built and developed within the school in 2015. The project aimed at teaching students on the history of herb and vegetable gardens and increases their knowledge of sustainability.

I would like to congratulate the recipients of the February Fabulous Fairfield awards as the standard this month has been very high.

Tonight, our Fabulous Fairfield residents will receive a native plant grown by the Fairfield Community Native Plant Nursery volunteers. More than 190 different native plants are grown by this group of volunteers, who are based at our Nalawala Urban Sustainability Hub.

Councillors please join me in congratulating tonight’s winners.

Frank Carbone

23 February 2016