Local Government Elections

2016 FCC Election Results

Declaration of the Mayoral Election:

Declaration of the Mayoral Poll

Mayoral Recount Result

Declaration of Results of Councillor Election By Ward:

Declaration of Cabravale Ward

Declaration of Fairfield Ward

Declaration of Parks Ward

For the election results, please use the links provided below: 

Mayoral Progressive Vote Count

Mayoral First Preference Progressive Vote Count

Cabravale Ward Councillors Progressive Vote Count

Fairfield Ward Councillors Progressive Vote Count

Parks Ward Councillors Progressive Vote Count

At the close of polling, staff at the polling place conduct an initial count of votes and make an initial determination as to the formality of the votes. Result details are recorded and all the ballot papers are then transferred to a central counting area where votes are again checked and results recorded. 

Postal votes, pre-poll votes, votes from Declared Institutions (hospitals and nursing homes) are also opened, scrutinised and added to the tallies in order to determine the final result. 

How the Result is Declared

The Election Manager (Council's City Manager) will give approval for the Returning Officer to declare the final results of the election. Council will publish the results on this website, at its Administration Centre and in the local newspapers.