November 2016

2016 Fabulous Fairfield Annual Garden of the Year Award

Fabulous Fairfield garden competition winners for 2016.

Each month at Council meetings we recognise the hard work of our City’s keen gardeners through the Fabulous Fairfield Awards.

To acknowledge the pride and dedication that so many residents display in their gardens, we have three Garden of the Year Awards categories: Best Vegetable Garden, Best School Garden and Best Garden. All 2016 monthly Fabulous Fairfield winners were considered for the annual awards. Winners were judged on planting creativity, planting management, garden structure, sustainability, presentation and infrastructure.

After careful consideration, the winners were selected. I’m proud to congratulate and present certificates to:

Best School Garden – Fairfield West Public School

Fairfield West Public School has an outstanding School garden with special thanks to Vanessa, Mr Steve Carr, Mr Dawe and Ms Genelle Goldfinch (School Principal) who show ongoing commitment to outdoor education and the GAs who care for the grounds. The school consists of a cultural garden, outdoor learning environment, beautified canteen space, refugee students’ and parents’ workshop, and support student garden. These gardens open up lines of communication for students and teachers and builds lifelong skills. The students also learn about the benefits of recycling. The school is 91 years young.

Best Vegetable Garden – Milka Buterin

Milka works tirelessly at her vegetable garden, which consists of papaya, mango, orange, lemon, mandarin and fig trees. Milka also has a grape vine and shares her grapes with the neighbourhood at Christmas. She has blueberry bushes and picks the fruit daily and has no need to buy fresh vegetables or herbs. The vegetable garden is well planted and planned and Milka rotates her crops to get abundant fruit, vegetables and herbs. Recycling is also incorporated into her garden.

Best Garden – Jagoda Cupac

Jagoda maintains her garden by herself and the garden is pruned and maintained every day. Her garden is stylised and she also has a vegetable garden. The bushes and flowers are abundant and colourful and Jagoda recycles and mulches to get a very high standard of growth in her garden. Congratulations Jagoda on being the winner of the of best garden in 2016.

Councillors, please join me in congratulating our 2016 Garden of the Year winners.

Frank Carbone

22 November 2016