Code of Meeting Practice – Clause 10.3


The purpose of the Public Forum is to provide an opportunity for members of the community to ask a question of Council on matters of policy, the delivery of services, regulatory functions or issues of community concern.

Who can ask a question 

At an Ordinary Council meeting, any resident or ratepayer (or representative on behalf of a resident or ratepayer) may ask a question during the Public Forum session.

Applying to ask a question 

  1. All questions must be submitted on a duly completed and signed application form and lodged with the Public Officer or City Manager by 12 Noon on the day of the meeting. 
  2. A representative asking a question on behalf of a resident or ratepayer must provide the name, address, home telephone number and signed authorisation of that resident or ratepayer at the time of application.
  3. Questions must be confined to matters of policy, delivery of services, regulatory functions or community concern.  
  4. The Chairperson will only allow questions to be asked that are consistent with this Code.
  5. All questions will receive a written response.

Public Forum Procedure 

  1. The Public Forum session is limited to 30 minutes.
  2. Each speaker will be limited to asking one question which must not exceed 5 minutes including, if the Speaker or the Chairperson considers it appropriate for the purposes of clarification, a brief explanation of the reasons for the question. 
  3. A person cannot ask a question relating to an item listed on the agenda/business paper for consideration at the Council meeting that evening. 
  4. The speaker must address the Council courteously and must only speak to the topic of their question as submitted.
  5. The speaker must refrain from making allegations about individual Councillors, Council Staff or other members of the community.
  6. The minutes will record that a question was asked, the name of the person who asked the question and a general description of the matter asked, so as to avoid potentially defamatory material being published in the minutes. Council will use its best efforts to ensure that defamatory material is excluded from the minutes