Delivery Program

The Delivery Program is a high-level plan that sets out the projects, programs and services Council has committed to deliver during its term of office, which works towards achieving the community’s needs and priorities identified in the Fairfield City Plan.

We are pleased to present Fairfield City Council’s Revised 2013-2017 Delivery Program, which is also available below or at all Fairfield City Libraries and the Administration Centre.

Revised 2013-2017 Delivery Program

How we report on the Delivery Program 

The community is informed about Council’s performance and progress on achievements through the Six Monthly Report. The Six Monthly Report is a summary of our progress and key performance indicators every six months in an easy-to-read and understand document for the community.

To track how projects and programs are progressing, take a look at the Six Monthly Reports below or, alternatively, review the updated Delivery Program above.

Six Monthly Report Jan-Jun 2014

Six Monthly Report Jul-Dec 2013

Archive Copies

6 Monthly Report Jan-Jun 2013

Draft Revised 2013-2017 Delivery Program - without SRV

2013-2017 Delivery Program – Original

2011-2013 Delivery Program

6 Monthly Report - Jul-Dec 2012

6 Monthly Report - Jan-Jun 2012

6 Monthly Report - Jul-Dec 2011