Resourcing Strategy

The Resourcing Strategy identifies how many resources (such as money, assets and people) Council has to deliver on the needs and priorities of its community. 

The Resourcing Strategy includes three documents:


  1. Long Term Financial Plan (Money)
  2. Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans (Assets)
  3. Workforce Management Plan (People)


Long Term Financial Plan (Money)

This is our Long Term Financial Plan towards a long-term goal for Council to be financially sustainable.

It is a decision-making tool that looks at and addresses financial issues faced by Council, such as opportunities for future income, areas where we may need to spend more money (such as assets), while ensuring we are financially sustainable into the future in order to continue to work towards achieving the needs and priorities of the community.

2017/18 - 2026/27 Long Term Financial Plan

Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans (Assets)

The Asset Management Policy and Strategy provides an overview of how we will maintain our assets and what it will cost us over time to do this. It also looks at ways that we can better manage our assets and at what level we have committed to maintaining them.

Each different type of asset has its own plan to identify the service levels required and to prioritise the works that are required for each of these areas to maintain the assets at the correct level.

2017/18 - 2026/27 Asset Management Strategy and Policy

The above strategy has been broken down into the following documents: 


Asset Management Plan, Buildings and Facilities

Asset Management Plan, Drainage

Asset Management Plan, Parks and Open Space

Asset Management Plan, Roads and Transport

Workforce Management Plan (People)

Our Workforce Management Plan identifies potential skills shortages in the future and its affects on Council.

It provides strategies that work towards retaining staff, developing leaders, skilling managers and making Council an employer of choice and ensures we have the right skills and people in place to deliver on the commitments made in the Delivery Program.

2017/18-2020/21 Workforce Management Plan


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